Conscious Souls on G4 “Attack of the Show”

Published on Mar 20, 2012 Zombie Cage Fighter by Conscious Souls, Starring Nate “The Rock” Quarry. Highlighted on National Cable TV by (Sara Underwood) Playmate of the year 2007, on G4 “Attack of the Show” Comcast Ch 131. Check out the Music Video:… Itunes…

Kelly Slater Wins 11th World Title Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Uploaded on Nov 2, 2011 Kelly Slater wins his 11th World Title at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Fans carry him on there shoulders praising him for his accomplishments.

“Used To Have a Car” – Matt DeLima

Uploaded on Aug 11, 2011 Between the dates of july 2009 and dec 2010 walnut creek pd issued 28 parking tickets to the same individual….11 by the same officer. This is his story….. Song by: Matt DeLima Original Music by: Tracy Chapman Film/Edit/Director: Will Johnson Producers: Joel Cecil/Brian Centoni, of (Sunstroke Entertainment) Engineer: Justin Jayankura Canon

“Zombie Cage Fighter”- Conscious Souls (Official Music Video)

Uploaded on Nov 16, 2011 ZCF now available on itunes!… UFC’s Nate “Rock” Quarry and Sunstroke Entertainment Presents ZOMBIE CAGE FIGHTER Music Video by Conscious Souls. What does a man who gets paid to be punched in the face do in his off time? He creates MMA and horror phenomena, Zombie Cage Fighter. Starring Nate