Mike Pinto Interview (Fishbowl S.F.)

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By Joel Cecil


Sunstroke Entertainment was lucky enough to catch up with Mike Pinto in San Francisco at the Fishbowl, for the first stop of his Acoustic Tour across the country.

The PBR’s were flowing; the bar lined with intrigued listeners, and the vibe was just right on this warm San Francisco Wednesday.


After his first set, and in between signing autographs and selling some Mike Pinto Band T-Shirts to loyal fans, we were able to grab a few minutes with Mike and ask him about his tour, life on the road, and what’s next for the Mike Pinto Band.


The Acoustic Tour starts in San Francisco with many stops along the way hitting a total of 12 states. Mike will go back to his roots as he travels to Philly, hits Reggae on the River in Wisconsin, The Beach House in Cape Cod, the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburg, then coming back to Cali as he hits Splatter Fest, and plays with Tomorrows Bad Seeds at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood California just to name a few of his shows and just to give you a small idea how Mike will be rounding off his summer, and how busy this kid is going to be.


When we asked Mike what it feels like when he travels back to his home state and the response he gets from his Hometown family and friends Mike told us “It’s great! There is always a good response from the crowd, and I can’t wait to play my new songs for them to get some real feedback!”


Mike Pinto also let us know life on the road is tough but well worth it we you get to be on a national level and gain that kind of exposure. I mean he gets to travel around the country to a bunch of cool parties, and play music. Not too shabby if you ask me!


Sunstroke was definitely stoked we got to catch up with Mike in Northern California and see him off as his crazy tour begins. Mike is super humble, super talented, and we wish him a great journey as he hits the road hard for the end of the summer as the Sun sets in the West.


Check out Mike Pinto Band and his tour schedule at www.mikepintomusic.com








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